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Thames wooden boatbuilders maintaining the traditions of the past


Sepia workshop

At our busy rural workshop near Henley-on-Thames, Henwood and Dean are part of a new generation of Thames boatbuilders carrying on the traditions of the past, rebuilding, restoring and maintaining classic wooden rivercraft. We also have the knowledge and skills to design and build new boats, bringing together time honoured methods and techniques with a modern approach to design and craftsmanship

The consummate skill, passion and enthusiasm of our small team of dedicated craftsmen have made this award-winning company internationally renowned for producing the highest quality work, and craft restored and built by us have won many prestigious awards as well as featuring in Thames-based events and on television.

Hand tools

Vintage Cars

In the classic vintage car era of the early 1900s wooden skiff bodied cars were considered to be the very epitome of chic, and Henwood and Dean have used their skills and quality of craftsmanship to restore a 1924 Austin Tourer in this highly individual style.

Sheila, as this delightful little car has been named, was built using traditional methods of craftsmanship - steam bending the highest quality mahogany planking onto ash frames with copper nails and roves.

We have also worked on other car restoration projects including a 1920 Delage, 3 Bentleys, a 1936 Lagonda, and a Type 57 Bugatti.