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Classic 30ft Yacht Tender - new build

Yacht tender

In 2006 Henwood and Dean were asked to design and build a classic tender for an historic 300ft Steam Yacht that was undergoing complete restoration. The original launch, built by Robertsons on the River Clyde in the 1930s, had not survived but photographic evidence showed a 30ft hull with a cabin or cuddy with a rounded front to protect the guests and an open forward crew cockpit. The brief for the new launch required a good turn of speed and considerable luxury for the guests.

Colin Henwood enlisted the help of designer Andrew Wolstenholme, with whom he had already worked on several very successful projects, and they came up with a design that echoed the 1930 launch but provided a fast displacement hull capable of nearly 20 knots.

Although this is a new boat built using some modern wood hull construction techniques, the launch fits the genuine 1930 quality and detail of the mother ship. However, there is now air conditioning, the latest communication and positioning equipment and a powerful lightweight diesel installation. All this modern equipment is hidden or disguised and the cabin and cockpit fit-out is built as Robertsons Boatbuilders would have done over 80 years ago. The launch was delivered in 2009, on time and on budget, to a very satisfied customer.


The 27ft Steam Launch ‘Hussar’, originally named Waterwitch, is an Edwardian Gentleman’s steam launch built circa 1880 when she was designed as a day boat to carry 5 to 6 people in the comfort and elegance that was expected at that time. The hull has the classic Edwardian steam launch lines of a clipper bow and counter stern and is constructed of carvel teak on oak.

She has a modern coal fired steam plant built by Ken Woodham with a Langley Engineering boiler.

Henwood and Dean first restored her in the late 80s and have continued to care for and maintain her ever since, keeping the boat, steam plant and boiler in first class condition

Owners launch detail 6

LOA 30ft. Beam 6ft 10ins. Draft 2ft 4ins.
Designed by Andrew Wolstenholme.
Built by Henwood & Dean Boatbuilders.
Hull Construction - Stripped plank, epoxy bonded planking overlain with Mahogany carvel planking. Superstructure - Mahogany cabin, decks and fit-out.
Propulsion - Yanmar JH4- THE